Lauren X M4D3

The M4D3 team has teamed up with Lauren Koster this Fall. Lauren is a creative soul with many facets. After a decade in the fashion industry designing handbags, she found a passion for wedding and event design. She began Lauren Koster Creative as a way to branch out from fashion. And now, she has three successful wedding seasons under her belt and a lifestyle blog to support my design work. She lives with her husband and sweet little toddler, Oliver outside New York City, in the Hudson Valley.

How did you come across M4D3 shoes?

I was introduced to the brand because a friend I met in the fashion industry is the talented designer. 

What excites you about our brand?
There are so many things I love about M4D3. The styles are on trend, but perfect for everyday wear, and the book giveback program is wonderful!
Whats your favorite Fall Fashion trend?
I am feeling all the suede. Suede for shoes, bags, jackets and even apparel. 

What style are you most excited about from our Fall 17 collection
I love the Graziella. It kind of feels like a 90s throwback, but in such a current way. 

How do you #WearKindness?
Most importantly I teach my son to be a loving and good person. I also volunteer at a local food pantry on Saturday mornings. 

Whats it like being a mom and working full time?
It's tough. But it's all about find balance as best you can. I am pretty regimented about how I utilize my time, but things never quite go according to plan, so you need to be graceful with yourself. 

How do you balance your life between being a mom and work with your blog?
I always have my eyes open for inspiration and content gathering, thankfully my best friends Pinterest, Instagram and the notes apps help me keep and organize my creative brain. Then I actually write posts at night after Ollie is in sleeping. 

Whats your favorite activity with your kid?
Ollie and I love to bake. We make cookies and treats almost every weekend. The other day I heard him in his play kitchen mixing the sugar and the butter and the flour and my heart melted.

How has your style changed since you have had a child?
I have really started to embrace the less-is-more, capsule wardrobe mentality. I get ready so quickly in the mornings, I don't have time to try on three different outfits and several shoe options anymore. I've traded in many of my avant-garde looks for easy pieces that look put together in any combination. 

What is your day to day look like?
I wake up at 5:30, get in a 3 to 4 mile run then get myself ready and Ollie dressed and run out the door. I commute to the city most days. I am in the office from 9 to 5 and take the train back. I make dinner, eat with the family and put Oliver to bed. Then I blog on the couch next to my blogger husband while watching a show and head to bed around 11:00. I am lucky my husband works at home and does drop off and pick up, allowing me some cushion with my time if I need to pop into a blogger event or take evening meetings. 

What makes you smile?
My son. 

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